Sunday, June 26, 2011

IHS 1976 Annual

I scanned the senior photos and there is an album on Picasa called "IHS 1976 Annual". Not sure how to open the album to whoever wants to see it! If you know how, let me know!

Try this link:

Friday, June 24, 2011

One Month to go!

OK, so here is a bit more about the reunion event:

First: register if you haven't yet! This really helps us out by being able to give real numbers to the food suppliers (and pay them)! Send a check to Sue, her address is on the post card, or call me!

Thurs: the hike is shaping up. I walked it the other day and it was beautiful and fun - took about 1 hour plus a little more if we stroll, explore, rest a bit, swim (maybe?!). Funny story, at second dam, picture this, a fire ring scar at the waters edge, a few empty beer cans, beer caps, part of somebody's shoe, and a used package of ZigZag papers! I thought to myself, "hey, I haven't been here in a decade, but it looks like I was here last night! So far it looks like we might get a dozen or so for the hike. Parking is tricky near Giles St, so, if you want to meet a little early (say 3:30) at the Vinyard parking lot, you can park there and I will shuttle folks to the start (easier to get your car at the end, too).

Oh, a reminder, the little hike back out to Rt 79, we'll technically be trespassing, but I am confident that we'll manage just fine!! (it is good to test (ok, break) the rules - remember!!)

Friday: 6:30 to start collecting at Boatyard. BEFORE THAT, if so inclined, GoGone is playing at Castaways for a happy hour sort of thing. it is free and they are a fun and great band to listen and dance to (Scott Wiggins is the drummer). I'll be there!

Sat: BBQ at Meyers Point. Bring stuff to swim if it is a nice day, sun screen, etc.

Sat PM: 8PM - late, fun at Castaways. We'll have a DJ (Jim Avery), and the plan is to have music that is: oldies night at the North Forty, meets The Nines, meets The Haunt. Rocking fun, good dancing, and great listening. It gets hot in there, so be prepared to strip )a little or a lot) and sweat! (oh yeah, it is also an "open class and friends" event, so if you have pals from other class years or who you know are going to be in town, let them know and have them come along!

Sunday: Still working on that, but am hopeful that we'll at least get a partial look around the HS. There is evidently a lot of construction, so they are a little wary about having folks hanging about. I say either way we storm the place and we'll see what we can!

All weekend I plan to have a book available with address and contact information available to check, confirm, update, etc. This cycle of contacting folks was more challenging than last time!

Can't wait to see you all!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Summer's Coming Soon!

Hi All,

Things are pretty well set for the reunion which is to be held on the weekend of July 29 - 31 in Ithaca.

A reminder: it helps ENORMOUSLY if you know that you'll be attending to send in a notification and the $45 (that amount goes to $55 the weekend of, so the deal time is now! Thanks.

Also, please help get the word out to others. I have done what I could get to, but there are many, many that have no idea that there is a reunion. If you think of someone, call them, send them an email and invite them to come. We don't get these opportunities very often and the next time around will be 40th (so, relatively, 35 is looking pretty darn good!).

Send me a message, or call me if you need more info or details on the weekend schedule.

Other fun - June 17 - 19 is the 40th reunion concert for the Salty Dog! So, if you like great music, fun folks, and more, you might want to check that out as a sort of warm up!

The Thursday 28th hike and wine tasting is a very informal thing, so if you head out to the vinyard, don't say that you are looking for the IHS '76 reunion group! (the'd probably toss us out for not warning them in advance!). Just head in and have fun. You will eventually see at least me, but I imagine there will be other hiker/wine likers there as well who you will recognize.

Spread the word! See you in 7 more weeks! - Pete

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Contact Info


Here is a list of folks that I have no address for; if you have any info, email me (don't post comment - 'cause I'll never look!)


Albanese Dean T
Allessi Laurie
Antrum Valarie I
Baggio Angela
Baker Deborah 
Barry Sharon M
Bates Jonathan 
Beck David W
Belanger Wayne J
Bell Melani
Bixler Barbara A
Blanford Keith
Bolton Ronald J
Bowlsby Paul
Braun Jeff
Breed Timothy J
Bury Richard D
Calloway Anthony
Caporiccio Andrea
Carlison Charles J
Chupp Thomas H
Colombo Luis
Cooke Timothy  
Cornell Bonnie
Damptey Victor O
Davidson John C
Derrick Dorthea
deWysocki Beth
Dickenson Elizabeth
Dickinson Mary
Downes Jonathan W
Dunham Julia R
Eldefrawi Moshen
Ellis David S
Ellsworth Dennis E
Emerson Gary L
Farinella Deborah
Fink Robert
Fiore Antonio
Flynn Tammy
French Frederick H
Frisbie William M
Glaoney Particia  
Goodrich Ricky C
Graves Jerome 
Gray Diane E
Green Vivian
Grennell Janet L
Griffin Charles E
Grigorov Marc F
Grover William
Hang Sandra V
Hansen Jay T
Harker Paul K
Harrington Elaine
Hartz Wayne E
Hash John 
Herson James
Hetnarski Monika
Hickey Linda J
Hollenbeck William J
Honey Brigette
Horrocks Stephen
Ibarra Cesar
Irvin Susan
Jackmin Lawrence M
Johnson Randy W
Johnson Sara B
Jordan Richard  
Kahn Salmeen
Kensek Craig 
Kiefer Richard
Kieffer Cathleen T
Kim Paul 
Kobre Brenda
Kramer Phillip  
Kung Sandra Q
Lam Nighi Van
Lavezzary George
Levine Ruth E
Lis Phyllis M
Loehr Mary
Longest Carol
Lucas Robert F
Lydman Susan
Majors Doi
Majors Brook
McFall Nancy
McGraw Maureen J
McIsaac Hugh P
McMillen James D
McMillen David
Melgar Eliana
Mente Dion J
Michael Katherine
Migneault Lila M
Migneault Joy
Mosely Dianna
Mosher Charles E
Moynihan Sean P
Mullenhoff Nancy
Munro David S
Mushatt Betty
Narain Sandhya
Necheporek John
Olsen Hans
Ostrander Heidi
Oyer Laura
Oyer Paula
Oyler Lee Ann
Paleen Fred
Palmer Edward H
Paolangeli Daniel I
Peter Susan
Peters David
Peterson Julie  
Phillips David
Place Richard A
Powers Martha D
Priest Andrew R
Purhenn Cindie L
Raimon Martha D
Rance Cheryl A
Reece J William
Reeves Susan
Reynolds Jeff
Reynolds Janet
Rich Albert
Roach Elizabeth
Robbins Cynthia
Roberts Janice Y
Robson Elena L
Rollins Charles Edward
Ross Larry E
Rothaus Carla S
Rumsey Dianna
Rystadius Helena A E
Sack Christopher  
Sadat-Marashi Amir
Salmeen Khan
Savage Glen
Seaman Paul
Secaf Paula
Sellers Valerie S
Shearer Abigail H
Shephard Kathleen M
Shevalier John
Shoemaker Penny 
Short Marquita
Silsbee Peter
Sloughter Ronald
Smith Fred W
Smith Katrinka
Smith Mary
Snyder Stephen
Snyder Joanne V
Steckler Paul 
Stevens Cheryl A
Stinard Steven
Struttman Tim
Stuckey Carl J
Suarez Eliana M
Sullivan Edmund
Thomas Valerie  
Thompson Stanley V
Todi Paul
Tompkins William D
Tompkins Shirley
Townley Laurel Anne
Traynor Terrie
Tuttle Jean M
Valentine James
Valentino Susan
Van Dermark Deborah S
Vaugn Beverly
Vitale Michael
Wagner Donald R
Wahlestedt Claes
Wells Matthew
Westbrook Richard
Westfall Thomas D
White Richard G
White Thomas  
Willammee David
Williams Cathy A
Woodman Donald
Zimrot Linda



Here is the virtual post card front.

And the back

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring already!

OK, so I have not been so dilligent, but I haven't forgotten either! Plans are moving along; announcement post card is in the works and a mailing should be going out within the next 4 weeks.

For any of you folks traveling in and needing a place to stay, there is some leverage on prices, maybe, if we can organize a block of rooms; so if that it something that you want more info on, you have to get in touch with me and let me know as soon as you can, and I will see what I can do. Excellent accommodations are always possible via Scott Wiggins at La Tourelle (very nice place!)

Rather than a Thursday mash at the cottage, I have reconsidered and decided that I want to hike to 2nd dam and then on to the Six Mile Creek Winery (open till 8PM!). I will plan to be at the Giles St entrance at 4Pm on the 28th for any of you intrepid souls. Not so intrepid? Just go to the winery! I'll get there eventually!

Remember, if you are coming for the weekend, please send in the funds ($45PP) so we can pay for stuff and give good numbers for planning purposes. It is a bummer to guess wrong, so spare me and RSVP to me either by email or phone or mail!

More info to come!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Waking up the machine!

Closing in on 2011, and you know what that means...., YES, the five year excuse for a good old time at another class reunion this coming summer in Ithaca!

I am just beginning to work on this again after a long, quiet time. Appologies to those who commented and I never checked in, but I have now and don't fret, You are on the list for invites this time around! I tried hard last time to reach as many of the 600+ as I could,and will try harder this time.

The dates are chosen, they will be the last weekend in July, Thurs 28 - Sun 31, 2011! So block out your time and make plans to attend; we'll try to make it more than worth your while!

Still refining the schedule, so look for that information to come out in the new year. It won't cost much, totally affordable, but before you deciide that even the little is too much, talk to me first. I would feel pretty bad if the only thing keeping you from the good company of a gang of friends is a few bucks! We'll figure something out!

I'll try to keep up with posting at least once or twice a month, Spread the word. If you have a new email address or snail mail address, fire that information to me at my email address and I will update the datebase with all current information.

That's it for now, I can't wait and I hope to see you there!

emailaddresspfeitnerataoldotcom - sorry to do that to you, but the whole spam thing is a bummer!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Note from Martin

IHS '76 2006 Reunion

Follows is a note to classmates from Martin Piech:

Dear IHS '76 classmates,

I wish that I could have joined you during the 2006 gala event. Thanks to all who took pictures and made it possible for Pete to post them!! Pete, it must be a guy thing about cameras...I can't count the number of times I've had a camera at family events and didn't take a picture...Chances are likely that I will be retired from the military before the next class gathering. It has been 31 years since I have seen most of you and since I joined the Army. The years have gone quickly. Been all over the planet and have had some truly amazing experiences. I guess as I get older though, the importance of family and close friendships take on added meaning. Although I am in the reserves and have a fulfilling civilian career, the reserves feel more like active duty because of the time we have to give (occasions we miss..) and of course current events. Please stay safe and enjoy life to the fullest. I look forward to seeing you at the next class reunion!!Warmest Regards, Martin Piech

Note: if you'd like to say Hi back to Martin. please let me know and I will get you the contact info.